FACETASM × WIND AND SEA collaboration item released on Saturday, April 24th

FACETASM and WIND AND SEA designed by designer Hiroshi Ochiai

Collaboration items will be on sale from Saturday, April 24th.

In this collaboration, FACETASM and WIND AND SEA

A lineup of special items designed by each person.

From FACETASM, a coach jacket featuring a front pocket with an inside-out design.

Ribbed sweatpants and big T-shirts with "SEA" graphics printed on them.

WIND AND SEA has a “collaboration logo” with the logos of both labels designed on a brightly colored original body.

We will be releasing sweatshirt hoodies, long sleeve T-shirts, and T-shirts with prints on the front.

The collaboration visual was shot by Takashi Kumagai at his home in Shonan.

Styling is done by the FACETASM team, consistently maintaining friendship between both parties.

It is a collaboration that makes you feel.

*Each item, WHITE, BLACK, GRAY, BEIGE, is sold at WIND AND SEA and FACETASM.

BLUE and GREEN are sold only at FACETASM, and YELLOW and RED are sold only at WIND AND SEA.



Sales start from 12:00 PM


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